SecureBlackbox (.NET)

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Working with a host of tools and applications these days requires upgradation from time to time. It is a necessary thing for the smooth functioning of the system. Windows users often face the problem and in most cases don’t know what to do in order to get rid of it. EldoS Corporation has finally come up with what could be the final answer to this nagging problem. SecureBlackbox (.NET) helps users stay up to date and adds interesting security features to their apps. It is considered an important component as far as internet security is concerned.

SecureBlackbox (.NET) mostly works in the background enhancing the security and stability of the installed applications. It provides features like digital signature, encryption, e-mail authentication, data security and identity protection. SecureBlackbox (.NET) is divided into several packages which make it an efficient tool. The division into packages help it to assign particular jobs to its different parts hence enhancing the efficiency with which it functions. It is divided into:

: SSLBlackbox - the SSL component of the software takes care of various security issues without having the user worry about it. It does not depend on global libraries to function and is pretty much self-sufficient. It conforms with the existing standards and provides encryption and security related services very efficiently.

: MIMEBlackbox - it provides high quality services according to the user’s needs. It is efficient enough to take care of MIME issues with its own built-in libraries and conversion tables for characters.

: PKIBlackbox - PKI stands for Public Key Infrastructure. It takes care of the encryption portions of the software’s features. It employs state of the art encryption techniques to get the best results and provides the user with maximum security.

There are other components which make up the rest of the software and its small size and efficiency make it a first-choice amongst experts.