Download PsyberScan

Many software vouches to provide your computers with security. It assures you that it would keep your pc safe and sound in the event of any kind of protocol threat, be it viruses, phishing, malwares or malicious software. Yet, what such utilities can’t do is assessing and analyzing how well is your computer equipped to face potential threats. Or to put it precisely, no such tools can indicate the loopholes in your security agenda for your computer. PsyberScan, produced by the company named Innergy Coaching, is that utility software that calculates that maybe inhabiting your pcs. It provides an indirect way of data security by identifying where your security system is weak and needs rectification, modification or some kind of addition. It makes you more adept with the security functioning of the computer and it provides you with the key inputs so as to improve the same.
What PsyberScan has incorporated in its application design is the identification of a network’s area of active presence. This is the crucial point where most hackers tend to strike and prove to be successful. Reducing that surface area is the only way to prevent oneself from impending malwares. PsyberScan gives one a comprehensive understanding of the basic dynamics of the network’s dubious environment. It points out those areas where your network security has to be enhanced and maintained. There are few essential key points that users of this application tool need to be aware of:-
1) Your computer would be requiring an Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8 as an OS.
2) Microsoft NET framework 3.5 is a
3) Internet connection should be there.
4) PsyberScan can be registered only on one pc at a time. 5) The beta version of this product is useable for 60 days only. Then the user needs to switch over to the company version of the product. Needless to say, PsyberScan is intelligent software providing intelligent security.