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Protection 1 is a popular company which is dedicated towards the manufacture of security devices, software’s and also involves itself in providing services like, home security monitoring, equipment and installation services. To use the security software manufactured by Protection 1, one need not have a wired telephone connection as it involves wireless monitoring through cellular devices. These devices uses the cell towers to communicate with the monitoring station. One needs to be extra careful while handling these devices, when the alarm rings, one gets a short time to deactivate the system during normal use or if the alarm has not been switched off accidentally.

The alarm packages offered by Protection 1 includes keypad and control panels, door or window sensors, one or more motion sensors and a key fob controller or panic button pendant. One can choose these packages to add to the devices brought by the customers. Apart from packages and security devices, Protection 1 also offers carbon mono oxide detectors, smoke or heat detectors and flood sensors, which play a big role in providing protection to the assets of the customers.

After buying the product, a technician from Protection 1 visits the residence of the customer, to explain them, the functionalities of the device and the packages. If one wishes to know more they can log on to their official website or call the customer care.