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Protect America saves on the sky high costs incurred to set up a security system at home. It eliminates the cost of the equipment by offering it for free. It spreads out this cost over three years by virtue of a contract. It uses a two way voice intercom activated when the user is within a certain distance of the system. The intercom gets activated as soon as the alarm goes off and allows the user to seek help directly from the monitoring station.

The security devices installed depend on the type of package a customer subscribes to. The packages range from Copper to Platinum. According to many, the Platinum package offers only the most rudimentary perimeter burglary protection, however in reality, it offers unmatched features which helps in tons of ways.

The company follows a do-it-yourself policy as customers are required to install the system by themselves. Assistance is offered via phone, live chats and e-mail. The support team also decides whether any unit that has malfunctioned needs to be repaired or replaced. In case of the latter, the unit is shipped. The company has an extended warranty period that covers all expenses incurred during the three year contract period. Though the thought of installing the system oneself is intimidating, the company has taken care to make the user interface friendly and easy to comprehend.