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PC Safety Suite is a internet security software program developed by Computing.Net and published by BestOfMedia in October 2009. This security cum monitoring software program protects your PC from all kind of viruses and spywares. PC Safety Suite keeps you updated with all latest version of the applications you are running in your computer system i.e., you don't need to worry about whether the updated versions of the applications are installed in your system or not. PC Safety Suite takes all the responsibilities to keep your system updated with the best antivirus and optimization programs available on the internet. PC Safety Suite recommends only those software programs which are completely screened for both viruses and spywares.

PC Safety Suite actually monitors your computer system to keep it updated with the suitable optimization programs available on the internet. This software program has following features: A PC monitoring program that keeps you updated with latest versions of recommended applications, a antivirus program which protects you from viruses, spywares, Trojans, adwares and finally a PC optimization program which optimize your system by cleaning the registry, hardware maintenance and removing installed junkwares.

To install PC Safety Suite in your system you need to have any of the following operating system: Windows 7/8, Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 2003 or Windows server 2008. Additional requirement is that you need to have a Computing.Net account to run this application software in your system. Its user interface makes it easier to use. On the interface window you can see the details of all optimizing programs running in your system with their current version. This software program has been specifically designed for novice users as it relieves the user from the headache of updating his system programs periodically. So if you are a novice user or you don't have much time to take care about your system, PC Safety Suite will be an ideal monitoring program for you.

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