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OpenVPN Shield Exchange ensures a secure Virtual Private Networking (VPN) connection for safe internet browsing. Virtual Private Networking technology is used for creating a secure data connection to the Internet.

In this software, with Virtual Private Networking tools like Shield Exchange, accessing the Internet in a public place like a cyber café or an airport can be secured. Usually, when a user uses internet in public places, anyone with the knowledge of hacking can spy on the user’s data exchange. A secure Virtual Private Networking connection protects the user’s connection, data and identity from being misused. Shield Exchange need not be switched on when each and every website is browsed, but while doing online banking and dealing with important sensitive online content, its usage is highly recommended.

OpenVPN Shield Exchange enables a Virtual Private Network that encrypts and protects the user’s data traffic. This process prevents any third party from seeing or spying on the user’s connection across the Internet. The service is also an anonymizer, i.e. it prevents anyone to see the public IP address of the user when they access the internet. This software also blocks malicious and other viral websites that randomly hinder the user’s internet usage.

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