Download Norton Satellite

Norton Satellite is a Windows 8 operating application that provides you threat free detection on all security threats and on all files and URLs. It got introduced in the market by the publisher Symantec Corporation on January 2013 and was categorized as an internet security software application. This can only be downloaded and installed on Windows 8 system. Norton Satellite makes your online socializing more easier and safer with the scanning of your Facebook and Twitter account for any kind of malicious link. By scanning all suspicious links and folders it keeps your network threat free. It creates a separate folder or file on your desktop for all the identified unsafe files before sharing it with your friends.

With Norton Satellite in your computer you can be completely on the safe side considering all malicious activities that are spread through networking sites these days. It detects all file types which are EXE, DLL and MSI files. Norton Satellite directly sends you all malware links as soon as it gets detected. It enables you to get the Studio application updated regularly and re-subscribe the expired systems. With its special tool it displays the last date as on which the files were last scanned allowing you to determine the time gap between the scanning for malwares. This security application adds an extra layer of protection to your online social browsing tool.

Norton Satellite comes with a freeware license supporting dropbox accounts and checking all the stored items in the cloud for any malware. This software is appropriately designed for Windows 8 and it supports both 32bit and 64bit versions of this operating system. Norton Satellite fixes up all flagged problems on both local and remote servers. With all of its excellent features Norton Satellite is a great application to fight against Malware threats through your Facebook or Twitter account.

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