Download MD5 / SHA1 Download Checker

Downloading files over the internet has proves to be a hazardous task these days with the advent of hackers and other malicious entities. Downloading some unknown file format might lead to the crash of the whole system and thus users have to be very careful with what they download. To take care of this problem software developing company InstallWHAT have developed MD5 / SHA1 Download Checker. This simple yet useful tool helps users with their downloads and performs file verification when it seems necessary. It has integrated features which help it in its tasks and hence provides users with safety and security.

This simple yet elegant download tool is built for Windows users and is compatible with all versions of it including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. MD5 / SHA1 Download Checker performs MD5 and SHA1 sums for the downloaded files for consistency and data integrity. It is particularly useful in cases where a large number of files are downloaded and it is not possible for system administrators to keep an eye on every one of them. Thus, it helps system administrators with their tasks and even makes it easy for them to keep track of the consistency of their electronic data.

Developers at InstallWHAT have done a great job in developing MD5 / SHA1 Download Checker and its integrated features such as the following make it a must have for security enthusiasts: it does not need to be installed and can be operated in a network as well from a remote location, it is portable and thus provides instant support, its powerful checking algorithms help it detect anomalies in the data that is downloaded. With these key features included, MD5 / SHA1 Download Checker deserves to be at the top of the list of its category of software.

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