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iSheriff SaaS is an internet security software program developed by iSheriff for providing web filtering facility. It is an integrated suite of web and Email security services hosted in the cloud.iSheriff SaaS (security as a service) provides secured and protected connectivity through cloud computing. It offers integrated suite of services which you can choose. iSheriff SaaS provides URL filtering and real time content analysis. It comes with subscription facility which enables you to choose your respective services you need. The services provided by this software program includes: Web Security, Email Security, Remote or Mobile web security, Archiving Security, Encryption Security and Reporting Security. iSheriff SaaS protects your organization from spywares, viruses and botnets with its advance antivirus technology and dynamic anomaly detection technique.

iSheriff SaaS has been specifically designed for small and large organizations to provide online security services against all kind of viruses, malwares and spyware programs. It actually provides cloud based security solution which is a brand new technology in the market. It protects your organization from data leakage, virus, spywares and malwares. It provides Email archiving and Email encryption services and reporting services for web security and Emails.

To install iSheriff SaaS in your computer system you need to have any of the following operating systems: Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista, Windows 2000/2003/NT or Windows server 2008. No additional requirement is there for successful installation. After the installation it will start working as a security layer for your organization using cloud computing concept. The web based interface makes this software program easier to manage and maintain. It works in the middle of the organization and web services. All communication made to the web services are done through iSheriff SaaS. Hence whatever you are communicating is completely secured. Hence this is a good software program for your organization which will provide all security services you may need in a cloud computing environment.