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Computers which are involved in networked systems are always on the brink of getting attacked by malicious third party users whose basic aim is to attack and take control of the system itself. To provide security against such attackers, Macrosoft Corporation has developed Hijack Terminator and its immense contribution to the fields of internet security can be determined from its dedicated fan following. As the name suggests, Hijack Terminator checks the system for hidden software which are malicious in nature and those which secretly install themselves and continue to send information about the system they are in to the original owner. Thus, the owner continues to get continuous news feeds about the happenings in the particular system.

Hijack Terminator scans the system and detects malicious and harmful spyware such as Trojans and others which fall in the same category. It then posts the problems on the forum where security experts are there to analyze and provide suitable solutions. Besides, it provides links to some of the trusted sites which provide lists of updated spyware against which the program checks it results as well as tools to examine the reports the program builds up after scanning. It maintains a thorough database of the threats encountered, thus building up a strong reference for the future.

The programmers at Macrosoft Corporation have incorporated the following key features into the software besides strong and powerful algorithms: support for spyware detection and instant removal, it maintains a database of its own which contains information about the various threats in current existence and this helps in quick detection, online support for unrecognized programs which it flags as inappropriate, easy to use interface and easy to use options make it even more attractive. Overall, this is a great way to remove spyware in just a few simple steps .

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