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FrontPoint Security offers security based on a wide array of videos collected from the user’s home. The UL certification of the company adds value to their brand. The software is reliable and disaster proof. It offers insulation against burglary attempts as well as other emergencies arising inside the home.

The software can be accessed remotely using a Smartphone. Instant alerts by text or mail keeps the user in the loop of things. It allows controlling lights in the house to give prospective burglars an impression that the house is occupied. Besides security features, this software offers other home automation features too which eliminates the need to buy a separate software for the same. The number of devices in the system can be altered. Some of the other features include sirens and sensors.

The support system is extremely well-developed with options of live chat, phone support and email support. The user can opt for e-books and video tutorials as well. One of the biggest drawbacks of this software is the limited two years warranty which is in sharp contrast to the lifetime warranty offered by peers. Also, there is no support for two-way intercoms. However, in spite of these limitations, FrontPoint Security scores over other similar software’s available in the market.

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