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DeviceTrack is a Windows software that let you track your stolen or misplaced laptop and help you recover it without any wastage of time. It is very important for you to protect your laptop when you are travelling and for that only laptop insurance is not enough. You need to have the proper software installed in your system so that in case of any theft you are able to retrieve it in real time. DeviceTrack is the only anti-theft security software that ensures you complete solution from all kinds of laptop theft risks. This is a light weight software that gives you full remote access of your laptop.

DeviceTrack help you track your stolen laptop with the help of police and you can get it back easily. Its efficient monitoring tool enables you to find out and see everything that the thief is doing in real time. You also would have the authority to control access from a different laptop and the stolen laptop can be made un-operational if required. The moment your laptop gets stolen or misplaced you just login to DeviceTrack and start tracking your device online. DeviceTrack help you have the thief’s picture, address and other personal details so that it becomes easy on the police’s part to track and retrieve your laptop in few hours.

DeviceTrack not only operates using GPS technology but also uses WiFi signals. It looks out for WiFi signals that are within range and measures the signal strength and compares those results with a database to point out the exact location of the stolen laptop. DeviceTrack helps you in capturing the thief’s face with the webcam capturing tool facility. It acts as powerful evidence to enforce laws for recovering your personal property. With DeviceTrack in your system you will be able to locate your stolen laptop no matter how far it goes.

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