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BrowserScan is a scanning service that has been launched by Rapid7. This software helps the IT managers to check which version of the internet browser and plug-ins are being used by a computer. This software is helpful for small business managers who can use this tool to ensure the safety of their computer system that may be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hackers and cyber criminals target computers that use old or outdated versions of internet browsers. This software helps track older version of browsers that are being used by any computers in a network.

BrowserScan is very simple and does not need any complicated installation. Administrators have to insert a unique code into the network probably on the business website. Whenever the user enters the website, the program gathers information about its Operating System, IP address, the version of the internet browser and the plug-ins. The software saves all the information from all the systems in a unified place from where the administrator can look after the business security status.

The software comes with different modes. The transparent mode is set by default when the software is used. Then there is the badge mode, where the user is alerted by a pop-up message if the computer’s browser is up-to-date or not. In the redirect mode, the user is blocked from posting any important business related content on the internet if the browser in not up-to-date. The administrator can use these modes to ensure security. For small businesses that cannot afford day to day security updates, BrowserScan is perfect.

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