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BoxCryptor is a sleek and simple Windows desktop application that allows the user to create an encrypted folder inside their cloud storage folder. A lot of users are apprehensive about saving their data and private information on a remote server on the cloud because it is not considered very secure. This application allows the user to store their data on the remote server in a much secured manner.

Once the user creates the folder in the cloud storage folder, they have to assign a password to it. The next step is to simply drag and drop all the files in this created folder, which the user wants to protect. The application BoxCryptor immediately encrypts and protects all the data. To unlock this folder and view the saved files, the user has to run the application, go to the encrypted folder and type the password. If someone tries to open the folder with the wrong password, he or she gets an error message.

It is however to be taken into notice that a lot of companies and individuals are wary of storing files and working on the cloud because of lack of security. BoxCryptor helps in eliminating that lack of security among its users.

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