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Bot Revolt is a powerful internet security software suite developed by Bot Revolt. This is basically an internet security software tool which provides you the highest security against malicious attacks and virus programs capable to communicate through internet. Bot Revolt monitors all kind of communications to your computer. This software program constantly runs in the background and you don't need to update or scan your system to slow it down. It scans your system automatically every 0.002 seconds for any doubtful or unauthorized communication i.e., it continuously monitors your systems for any unauthorized communications and protects you form all kind of cyber attacks and viruses. Bot Revolt protects your system from almost 1 billion malicious threats and keeps you safe in the world of Internet.

This software product has been specifically designed to give you highest level of security when your system is connected to internet or any other network. Hackers spy on personal computers for stealing valuable information through unknown communication ports available in your system. Bot Revolt provides you with outbound protection i.e., protection for data which goes out of the system through available open ports. Systems performance doesn't degrade as it runs in the background of the system and automatically stabilizes itself.

Bot revolt is compatible with Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista and Windows 98/2000/2003 which makes it highly acceptable. You don't need any kind of additional support to run this program in your PC. After the installation this software program will take care about all the internet activities in your system and also registry related issues. As this program runs in the background, it automatically fixes any kind of potential issues arise at any point of time. The best feature of this program is its user interface where you can see the blocked ports, IPs etc. So it is a complete security package for your system.

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