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Security is a very sought after parameter when it comes to working over the internet. It is very hard to protect personal data these days with the advent of technology and hackers who have shown up in the field. To counter this problem, Bitdefender Internet Security has been launched which provides users with comprehensive support and security from external threats. This software integrates a host of features like antivirus protection, spam prevention, malware and spyware check, protection from data theft and many more. It has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the daily user and has been customized for their basic needs which demands security as well as fast response.

Bitdefender Internet Security integrates itself into the browser the system is running and scans every single piece of information entering and leaving the computer. Thus, it checks for external threats that try to enter a computer and attack it as well as keeps an eye over the information leaving the system at the particular check posts which it guards. It can also provide protection against phishing attempts and a dedicated firewall helps filter the incoming as well as the outgoing data. It can encrypt the data sent over instant messaging, thus making them fail safe with regards to getting stolen.

The developers have focused on providing users with comprehensive support against almost all kinds of cyber threats which include the following: firewall, antivirus protection, phishing protection, protection against installed malware such as Trojans, chat and data encryption, online backup of important files and a performance monitor and optimizer. It even has a autopilot mode which continues to maintain security even though the user is unaware of the happenings. Overall, Bitdefender Internet Security is a great tool to have in the shed and it delivers exactly what its developers promised, maybe even more

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