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In the world of PC remote access software's, Access RemotePC has become known as a useful key to access PCs from distant locations. This Windows software comes with a range of all necessary and easy to use features, which enable you to access the information and files present in your remote PC. Here files’ and folders’ sharing and transfer is made totally trouble-free by giving the users options like copy pasting, dragging and dropping, and by means of the two-pane file transfer system.

AccessRemotePC facilitates access of latest data of one’s remote personal computer or even upgrade it, and comes with infinite user accounts and interface tools. Its other impressive features mainly allow things like, making shortcuts to distant PC by creating files; host to client system sound transferring (including alerts); viewing drop-down list that shows hosts accessed earlier, and viewing the screens of all monitors to which the distant host is connected. Moreover, its one time password verification involving Windows, gives you and your desktop all the confidentiality you expect. No matter what data you access from distant places, it can’t be used again.

With its uncomplicated design and size of just 1 MB, Access RemotePC has won the hearts of users. It provides usage assistance with its comprehensive manual. The manual answers all your queries, however, one can ask for further technical help via emails. There helpdesk is always supportive. Its reasonable price and efficiency contributes to its success and recognition.

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