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Vpn One Click professional is basically privacy software developed and published by Bravotelco. The installation of this tool helps the user to secure their online privacy by offering a separate VPN server for internet browsing. It thereby unblocks all the blocked sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Skype etc. by connecting you to the virtual private network, bypassing your regular ISP. This free to use application is supported in various platforms such as Windows OS, but is now very specifically designed for Apple platforms like Mac OS and iOS for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is available from iTunes and Apple’s app store.

The application uses an encrypted tunnel with PPTP protocol of 128 bits. The latest versions are also supporting L2TP and IPSEC protocol, specifically designed for tunneling purpose. This application ensures that your public IP address is different from the real IP and looks like it is coming from a different country to fully protect your personal details. This service is available in most countries including US, Canada, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, to name a few.

The latest version of this tool provides many customer oriented features. It has itself translated in to 22 languages, lately. The tool also provides a feature to check and prefer the public IP address. The publishers claim to provide 24 hours of live customer service to cater to any complaints or support calls. The latest versions concentrate on improved integration with the latest VPN feature of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). The seven days free trail is a bit on the tighter side for the user. The app providers also provide flexibility in the cost by offering monthly plans for system and mobile users.