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Smart Protector Pro, as suggested by its name, is a software utility that is intended to secure your online privacy by protecting information related to all the tasks that you performed while connected to the internet. This tool claims to be an ideal choice to secure your online activities, especially in an open or privacy compromising environment such as your office where people would be curious to track your online tasks. A product from the house of Smart Soft, it promises to remove the history files in your Internet Explorer, the temporary files, all the cookie files, as well as data saved for Auto Complete list, visited URLs, etc.

The tool also promises to secure you against the prying eyes of colleagues or friends who try to track your system related tasks by removing data related to recently accessed files, recently accessed applications, files deleted to the Recycle Bin, etc. And to this end, the tool also offers a unique feature called the Save State or Restore State. This innovative tool allows you to restore a system to the state in which it was prior to your accessing it for performing, both, system related as well as internet related tasks. This means, other users will not be able to identify if you have accessed the system. Therefore, even if other users search for the cookie files, history folder, or recently used list; they are sure to find nothing that indicates any recent activity.

You can also schedule the tool to implement the clean up tasks, at specific intervals such as after you close the browser application or before system shutdown. Some of the other prominent features offered by this utility are the Stealth mode, ability to delete custom files and folders, Emergency Key, removing recent file list in most popular software applications, etc. In this context, it offers support for Media Player, Real Player, DivX Player, NetVampire, Go!zilla, Power DVD ACD, Acrobat Reader, MS Office suite, WinRAR and WinZip, etc. You can implement this utility in most Windows systems such as Windows 98, 2000, 7, NT, Me, XP, and Vista versions. You can check out the trial version of this tool for a limited trial period of 15 days.

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