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Proxyfire is a tough and powerful proxy server checker and hunter, which is used to check proxy servers available over a network. A user needs to really put a lot of effort to make this tool up to its potential. Since this tool is a highly technical one and used by clever individuals, there has not been much effort to make it colorful or user friendly in its look and feel or usability. The functionality of this tool is to detect and report proxy servers available over the network.

It lists down the detected proxy servers according to the degree of exposure, as Highly anonymous proxy, Anonymous proxy, transparent and socks proxy, SSL or tunnel proxy, and gateway proxies. This tool, while detecting the available proxy servers over the network, also provides other valuable information such as the IP addresses, country information, Hostname of the servers, etc and ensures that there are no duplicate entries on its reports by analyzing alias values intelligently. The specialty of this tool is that once it is installed by proper configuration settings, the tool takes over the remaining tasks of its functionality to detect and report available proxy servers in a fast and efficient manner.

The options to select the countries or ports from where we want to detect the proxy servers are made simple and effective, which makes life quite easy over the long run with this tool. To summarize, this tool is one of the most efficient and effective proxy server hunters, which is a bit tough on the initial set up procedures, but very fast and smart over the long run to effectively detect different types of proxy servers. It is considered one of the best tools for this purpose, provided proper tuning and configurations are taken care of during the set up stage.

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