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ISP or Internet Secrets Protector helps in scanning a computer for the delicate personal information stored in it and cleans up the traces of your activity very well. Its fast results and easy layout makes interacting with the software really easy. Besides every software is determined by how easy is it to use it for constructing and doing with it whatever you want. The easy layout keeps data away from the online predator and their preying eyes. The security tool just is not simple to use, but turns out to be highly effective for the users.

The main interface of the program is incredibly easy for operating which makes you feel like it is practically holding your hands till the whole process is done. By breaking down the commands into icons, the software makes seem navigation really simple to use and easy as well as intuitive. The flexibility of the program is sure to amuse you and especially a file tree that allowed us to choose and pick the parts of the Web Browsers that people want to get cleaned up.
As an example, if you did not want the cookies to be removed from the Firefox, but you want them to be removed from the Explorer, this is not much of a problem for this extraordinary software, Internet Secrets protector. It takes about a minute to the maximum for scanning all the available browsers in your system and rendering them clean from any sensitive data or cookies both personal and otherwise.

This turns out to be a great choice for computer hobbyists, from novice to professional who desire solid protection but would not desire too many bells and whistles to spoil their usability. With a bevy of exclusive features like file shredder, the software possesses great potential to run successfully among consumers.

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