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FastAccess Pro Facial Recognition is face recognition software using state of the art technology of biometrics in facial recognition. This software helps the end user in saving their time and energy from typing their passwords every time they login to the system or to any web sites. The usage of this software is not only limited to the authentication part of the system or applications, but also extends by acting as a monitoring software. This tool helps the user of the application to monitor and identify the users of their system, by maintaining the photo audit log of all those who used the system.

The publishers of this software claim that the regular usage of this tool helps in saving power by ultimately saving the logon time, thereby changing your system to a Green PC with the ‘EcoAware’ concept of face reading. Windows parental controls are enforced automatically by this software and it acts one layer above it. This tool has proved to maintain a very high rate of recognition. The false acceptance rate and the false rejection rate of this tool are at the lowest in the industry market. This low EC rate proves the strong sensing logic used in the application. This application provides the expected accuracy rate of sensitive industries such as banks, Hospitals, research agencies, etc.

The software does not demand any special type of web cam and uses any existing webcam available in the system. The tool supports the login features of standard web applications such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Google’s Chrome browsers. This tool provides confidence, security, and above all power saving through its fast and accurate logon. The latest version of this software provides support to the latest browser versions such as Firefox 14, Internet Explorer versions up to 9 and Chrome 20 versions.

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