Download Bypass Proxy Client

Bypass Proxy Client  is a friend in need software which helps you to access internet sites which are generally blocked by the proxy servers or the network firewalls, be it at workplace or at schools and colleges.  This is a free to try software which claims to protect your privacy from firewalls and proxy servers that keep track of all your movements over the internet. This tool bypasses the proxy server and ensures anonymity for all the actions on your browser when surfing through the internet. Thereby, It claims to keep your online privacy safe.

One big advantage of this network privacy tool is that it would prevent the network snoopers from monitoring your actions on surfing, e-mailing,  web chats as well as all sort of down loads. From the technical perspective, this tool supports large format of protocols such as HTTP, SOCKS 4, and SOCKS 5. There is not much clarity on how this tool works with respect to secured protocols such as HTTPS and secured HTTP. Whenever you want to be anonymous and secured from the Snooping eyes of monitors, it is advised you download a privacy tool like this to ensure your privacy and feel free from all preying eyes.

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