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Surfing the net is a really pleasurable experience. But it can never be more boring than watching those advertisements appear on your webpage, that you do not want. With internet advertisement getting more prevalent, more websites have started resorting to this idea. It not only slows down the internet speed rather browsing speed considerably, but also eats up a quite a bit of your bandwidth unnecessarily. But now, innovative software such as Ticno Bancut have made it possible to block such annoying advertisements. This blocking results in a smoother and more efficient internet navigation ability. The features of this software are applicable and supported by all the popular web browsers available in the market that you may have ever heard of. So do not worry, just go ahead and select the Browser of your choice.

The biggest advantage of any software is the ease with which it can be used. This program identifies the browsers that are automatically running on the present system you are working on. After it has detected everything needed, the software automatically triggers the protection needed in all of the browsers that are running in your system. You are also entitled to the ability of enabling or disabling protection against any advertisement which you desire. Advertisements on a particular website can also be blocked, if needed. This program features the adjustment-bar protection which ranges to off from high.

Ticno Bancut also reports you the number of banners that have been blocked. The download and installation procedure of this software is very simple. After you have downloaded the necessary file for installation, click on the file and it should not be long before you have Ticno Bancut installed in your computer. After you have successfully installed the software, it will now fix an icon in your system tray.