Stop-the-Pop-Up Lite

Download Stop-the-Pop-Up Lite

Popup windows are always annoying during surfing. They open up new windows preferably instead of a new tab and it slows down the speed of the system that you are working. If the Ram is a nit les and the computer is essentially slow, pop-ups would make simple surfing seem like an endless task. These annoying pop-ups are better when kept away and what better method to use except for a software. Stop-the-Pop-Up Lite software installs very quickly and gets into the task it is designed to.

The blocking is done easily with some splash. This freeware is hassle free and after its successful installation, you are now open to quite a few choices. All that you need to do is simply disable this freeware and set this to launch on its own every time when Windows starts. So there is no need for you to start and stop things every time or bother remembering to do it. Enabling the aggressive mode, you will have cut off most pop-ups that would have bothered you unnecessarily. The Advanced Settings will inform you that all those features have not been included in the Lit version of this software.

The program has active mechanisms of destroying a popup just when it emerges. This software excels at counteracting the file sharing software which includes Morpheus and Kazaa. You get to hear a soft sound effect after the program closes a popup for you every time. In case you want a popup to be allowed to show, all you have to do is press Control, then Shift and finally ‘a’. This eventually prevents all probable popup windows and all formats that would have otherwise disturbed your surfing and with its phenomenal killing ability, it is sure to be a hit.