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Any sane person using the internet these days is perfectly familiar with the concept of internet advertising. The most annoying part of this new trend is that it does not allow users to surf in peace. The pesky little ads continue to distract the users and affect their important jobs. These ads often contain Flash videos and the most efficient way out of this problem seems to be the sQusi Tracking Plus software. It effectively kicks out flash content embedded into websites and hence helps users surf efficiently.

Developed by GCNet Inc. and used by numerous fans, sQusi Tracking Plus specializes in blocking Flash content. It can be made to stomp out all kinds of Flash videos, hence improving the time in which websites get loaded. It also reduces the size of the downloads by removing unimportant content. The toolbar can sometimes be tricky to use but with time users will most certainly get familiar with it. sQusi Tracking Plus can be made to clean the computer memory of unwanted and unreliable cookies and cache memory. The software keeps itself updated with the latest list of unreliable sites by updating itself with the global database.

sQusi Tracking Plus has become the software of choice mainly due to the following amazing features:
● it acts as a Firefox extension and Internet Explorer add-on,
● small size and lightweight in nature and hence easy to handle,
● attractive toolbar which can toggle between various options as per the user’s choice,
● it is absolutely free!

sQusi Tracking Plus is perhaps the greatest free piece of software when it comes to blocking of undesirable Flash videos. With only an e-mail address registration required, any person can get along the useful features this software provides. No wonder it remains the leading Flash video blocker in its category, even when facing stiff competition.