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Perhaps the most annoying things moving around the internet these days are popup ads. They seem to be everywhere! From search engines to websites, from booking sites to gaming sites, popups seem to have taken over the world! But all hopes are not lost. To the rescue has come several softwares which efficiently remove such disturbing elements from the websites, making them user friendly and easy to view. Smart Popup Blocker is perhaps the best of the lot with features like automatic deletion of cookies and system tray icon which provides quick shortcut options for various jobs.

Smart Popup Blocker works with Internet Explorer and makes it its first priority to clean websites of dirty little pop ups and helps its users have a better viewing experience. It blocks unwanted ads from websites by placing them on a list and checks with the list every time users attempt to visit a particular site. Smart Popup Blocker also provides users with the option to view sites with ads, placed on the list, by temporarily removing it from the list.

Several features make it a user friendly software in this category. Those features are:
● blocks popups and banners which interfere with the user’s work,
● temporarily allow banners and ads through a hotkey which the user can configure according to need,
● automatically delete suspicious cookies which often lead to security threats and hence work as a security tool,
● doesn’t slow down the surfing speed or the machine it is residing in.

These and several other intricate details about the useful little tool has made it a first choice amongst those who deal with them often. Smart Popup Blocker has been able to live up to the expectations of its users and hence continues to serve humankind with zeal and perseverance and protect it from the “evil” popups!

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