Download RemoveAds

It is very common to wait for the browser to get the page completed, but even though all the content has loaded, we still have to wait for the page to finish loading and the browser circles its way almost to infinity. More than time and patience, it also eats up quite an unnecessary amount of bandwidth and money in short, if you are not using a leased line. So we need to trim out this excess waste of everything, and if ads are not desirable which most of times is not, then we would want to resort to some software that prevents these.

The software called RemoveAds made and sold by Major Share just fits this description perfectly. It is a working ultrasimple toll for keeping away ads at a distance. It blocks the website from loading banners plus the action where the adware tries to contact the home server of its own. This results in a quicker page loading facility that would not have happened otherwise if the ads were in place. The entire process of ads trying to connect to its parent server and loading it every time you open a new page simply bogs down the speed at which the network is designed and supposed to perform.

It is not like an add-on that we have on a browser. It is rather an application which is supposed to work with most app tools and browsers. The process of updating itself automatically is a feature that keeps you well informed about all the latest advancements adding to which, the users can also supply the website with recommendations so as to improve its database. You can also turn off the anti-ad feature with just a touch of a button. The user interface is extremely simplistic having only 2 controls plus 3 tabs.