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Internet advertising has become the fashion statement and every single product based company seems to have grasped the idea as if its life depended on it. It would definitely not be a problem on our end had the companies not planned on disrupting our daily lives with such annoying ads. But every problem must have a solution and this time it has come up in the form of Perfect Popup Killer.

Perfect Popup Killer is a very useful software that helps users in eliminating unwanted ads and banners from the websites they visit on a daily basis. All the user needs to do is get a free copy of the software from the web and install it on his/her machine. The rest is managed by the software itself. Upon installation, the software installs a toolbar in the browser and this helps in tracking disturbing ads embedded in the websites the user visits. The user is also provided with the option to upgrade to the full version of the software by paying a small amount. The full version of the software contains an extended set of functions which the user is guaranteed to enjoy.

The software with the following features find it very easy to inspire users to hire its services:
● automatic installation of toolbar in web browser which helps eliminate pop ups,
● works with all major web browsers such as mozilla and netscape,
● small in size and hence does not take toll of the machine’s resources,
● helps in boosting the bandwidth by removing the unwanted popups which often eat up valuable speed,
● alerts the user every time it blocks ads providing the user with option to undo it.

With the disturbing ads creeping into our lives every now and then, Perfect Popup Killer seems to be the choice tailored for us.