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The problem with all new Web Browsing has been the popup Window. Definitely it is capable enough to grab all the attention that it deserves and it also pokes in your eye. The commonest ones in this family are popups and the rest of the twins that could be termed as more evil are categorized under popunders which have been written by scores of add-ons in your Browser so as to block these popups. You should not forget the add-ons which block these popups as well as help in protecting the privacy of your system.

But in this fast changing world, who has time to address so many problems individually and try to make modifications, lest install a new software. Thus go for something that is full and final to help you protect from popups. This one stop solution is known as Popup Dummy. This is one of the top blocking products that are available in the market for consumers today. It is extremely straightforward and simple and pretty much does the things that it is supposed to do. Configurable and powerful, this software lets overriding the blocking problem particularly for some given domain, permanently on things or even just on the ad-hoc basis.

There is a free demo which you should definitely go ahead to try out, but unfortunately it lasts only for about 10 days or so. After this you need to pay for using the product as well as register it to start using it on even 3 systems. This software boasts of all the features that you might desire to find in any sort of a popup blocker executing its work efficiently and subtly. The overall performance of the software is very smooth and simple. It is a way better solution compared to the popup blocker software in the market that can be termed as mediocre.

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