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AdFender is a very useful trick that all of us need to have up our sleeves. With internet advertising reaching new levels of disturbance, it has become almost a necessity these days. AdFender is a nifty little tool that blocks pop-ups when users navigate to various sites. The advertisements hamper our viewing experience to a degree where it becomes absolutely important to call upon the services of Adfender.

The concept behind AdFender blocking unwanted ads and other content is it applying the proxy technique. In this technique, the software first checks for any previous versions of the particular website in the cache memory of the computer. Then it displays the content of the webpage accordingly, free of the ads.

The following inbuilt features of the amazing software has plummeted it to the forefront of the category of ad blocking softwares:
● works with all major browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera and also with other less known web browsers,
● it manages cookies which at times prove to be security risks and hence has become an important security tool,
● it runs in the background and doesn’t bother the user every time with its functions,
● it helps improve the browsing experience by increasing the speed of browsing and efficient usage of bandwidth.

AdFender has become one of the most popular softwares that indulge in blocking irritating ads on the websites users visit. It is well reputed to perform the job it is given and many a times does a much better one than many others in its category. Probably the best feature of AdFender is that it is completely free! Users can download and install and enjoy its services right away. It upgrades automatically from time to time and hence keeps the user up-to-date with the everyday world. Probably the best in its league, AdFender is yet to disappoint!

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