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Every single internet user has faced the typical problem of unwanted advertisements suddenly springing to life on their computer screens. Be it irritating songs or ridiculous videos, or even harmless texts, we have grown tired of being disturbed on a daily basis. Its time we get ourselves some relief and there is no better option than the mighty Ad Muncher! Developers have done justice to the wonderful name with the kind of service they have packed in. Ad Muncher literally munches through the disturbing content popping up every now and then on our computer screens.

Ad Muncher packs in enough firepower to cope up with the huge range of pop-ups in action today. It checks a particular website against the cache content of the machine it is residing in currently. It then filters the content of the website the user has requested for. The main advantage of this method is that Ad Muncher is not only able to filter or block ads, it can also block unwanted or inappropriate content.

Ad Muncher can be the number one choice when it comes to ad filtering mainly due to the following reasons:
○ no restrictions imposed on blocking of pop-ups or content,
○ works with every brand of browser; no compatibility issues,
○ small size means it goes easy on the resources of the machine it resides in,
○ it reduces the time a particular web page takes to get loaded and also reduces the download size by filtering off unwanted content,
○ protects the privacy of the user by blocking ads which often ask for personal information.

Frustrated victims of unwanted ads popping up on the monitor resort to Ad Muncher with expectations of getting rid of them. To say the least, they are not disappointed. No wonder the Ad Muncher fan base has successfully reached new heights.

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