Ad Arrest IE Popup Killer

Download Ad Arrest IE Popup Killer

Popup windows are really bad. Especially when you are working on a relatively older configuration machine or laptop which does not facilitate adequate speed since its Hard Drive is filled with data or for other set of reasons. All said, Popup Windows undoubtedly mar your web surfing experience. It slows down with these unnecessary windows being popped up and the net speed is directed to a total waste for most of the times. It is inevitable that you would want a software that would stop all such insensible activities.

After having started the Ad Arrest Popup Killer, your desktop will open up a new window for you. Other basic activities include the choice of playing a sound or not after the software has blocked a popup for you and whether you want the software to start itself automatically when you start your computer, rather your start-up. There is an option of viewing the demo using Usage Info Button which gives the standard way in which the control key is used. It lets you accept any popup at once and with the rarer ability of adding it to the white list that can be done using the shift key of your keyboard.

All these are that honestlysimple! Just a click of a button and you can do whatever you desire with pop-ups appearing every now then that keeps nagging you to install or register a software. So, on the whole this is a software which has no problem with killing pop-ups in other languages too. The Ad Arrest has really stood out among the rest popup blocking software ore because it has this simplistic user interface that simply lets you do things all at your command. There would be no trouble with unwanted pop-ups ever in your life again.