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Ad annihilator software is aimed by those users who want to suppress the advertisements that are commonly shown by browsers. The product line has rapidly evolved with the newest versions of Windows and that includes the popular Windows 7 and their latest release, Windows 8. The browser evolution and with new browsers coming up lately that function really well with their new and improved AJAX hosting facilities, it does not seem that the software is a bit like: a thing of the past. This software can successfully run on Windows XP and later and tests have confirmed that. Even their latest release is compatible with the new ways of Browsers and Operating Systems.

But this software is more of an intelligent blocker that successfully blocks popup, banner and even cookie and has the capability to support offline browsing. The features constitute a stopper that bans advertisements, popup killer which does not permit popup to appear when the user is browsing. The software has flexible, powerful and other filtering mechanisms that are extremely easy for using. This mechanism filters out popup Windows, cookies and banners. The software can store numerous Web documents in its cache and that carries on to their versions too. The software knows of innovative techniques that will help in blocking or unblocking only those banners, cookies and popup windows that you wish to.

Intelligent advertisement suppression is the mechanism that has made it possible to only selectively view those advertisements that have been approved by you. All of us desire advertisements but not from everywhere. Thus, we only want to select those advertisements that we might require or the sites that provide reliable and intelligently selects the right advertisement for you depending on your requirement. Such intelligent techniques coupled with intelligent protection have turned the Ad annihilator indispensable.