Download ZIP Password Recovery Magic

ZIP Password Recovery Magic is a tool which will be handy for all when it comes to opening of zip files with passwords. In this era of increased security awareness, we all are taught to secure and protect our confidential files through the usage of encryption and password protection. One of the simplest ways to enforce a password for a file is to zip it with a password.  It is well said and done, but who remembers that the file is password protected, and even if so, who remembers the password.

It is in such scenarios, this tool comes handy. It is a light weight tool which occupies less of your memory and hard disk. Technically, this tool uses dictionary attack and brute force attack on the zip file to detect the forgotten password. To speed up the search process, this tool provides the end user many options such as options for passwords between only characters, only alphabets, only numbers, only symbols, and a mix of all these characters. This is provided as some users are confident that they use only one set of characters for their passwords. In such cases, providing these options speeds up the search.

The user friendliness of this tool is evident from some of the features provided such as pause and resume, search options, various guesses, etc. When the complexity of the password increases along with its length, any password breaking tools make take hours to detect the password. In such cases, pause and resume options plays a handy role. The user friendly interface is another mentionable feature of this tool. The tool works on almost all flavors of Windows OS and can work on PCs with minimum 128 MB RAM and occupies around 700 MB of hard disk space. With all these minimum requirements, this tool is worth a try.

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