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RAR Password Unlocker, as suggested by its name, is a password recovery utility that is intended to help users recover their lost or forgotten passwords that secure their RAR archive files. This tool claims to offer three mechanisms to recover or crack lost passwords, namely, Dictionary mode, Brute Force with User-Defined Masks, and Brute Force. The Dictionary mechanism tries to recover passwords by using various combinations that are created based on an in-built dictionary that can be customized according to your specific requirements. The tool also offers options to resume any password recovery process that was interrupted, by automatically saving the data, and searching for the files from among your system’s archives.

This utility claims to be a simple to use tool with its plain interface and minimal options that help you with the intended task. The tool’s Search function helps to list all the RAR files in your system. You can select the file that needs to be unlocked. Once a file is selected, the tool displays details related to the file and offers the three options that can be used to recover the lost password. There is also a Settings feature that allows you to select options relating to the password’s characters such as special symbols, uppercase alphabets, and Affix Set. The tool offers support for all versions of RAR files. It comes with an Online Help feature as well as an User Manual for assistance with regards to using the tool.

One of the prominent features of this tool is its customizable dictionary, which helps you define the password search based on your specific requirements. Moreover, the tool also allows you to define password masks, which helps you to speed-up the recovery process and make it more accurate. This application can be availed on a free to try basis with a limited recovery of 3-character password recovery. The trial version is also limited in its dictionary searches with only 10,000 possible combinations. You can implement this tool in Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 7, XP, Vista, and Server versions. This is a product from the house of Password Unlocker.

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