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It is an Award-Winning tool for password auditing and recovery. It is required to have a strong password that would not be vulnerable to hack and such reliability in terms of softness have been ensured by LophtCrack software. This tool looks after security option of any company’s or industry’s item.

The exceptional features of the tool are that it identifies and accesses vulnerability of any password over machines and networks in a steady application from a single interface. It runs smoothly on windows platform. It has scoring option, which enables it to get quick access to the password’s quality. The feature that must be present in the tool is its option having pre-computed password files.

LophtCrack employs routine scans so that the audit can be done frequently and as when required. This tool offers assistance to auditors as what needs to be done if they encounter poor passwords or weak password. In such a situation, the administrators are expected to set the password as expired or disable the account. It is the easiest software to implement password audit and recovery.

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