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Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker also called EPPB is an application devised specifically for Forensic access to the Smartphone with Apple’s iOS or Rim Blackberry platforms. This password recovery tool supports all Smartphone’s having their OS from Blackberry or Apple devices running iOS such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Smart Phones have the feature of backing up important system files such as call logs, address books, calendars, SMS archives, etc with a password to protect their confidentiality. This tool recovers the plain text password used for encrypting these backups for Blackberry and Apple devices.

Since the back up and protection features are plenty in iPhone devices, we feel that this device is more oriented towards iPhone devices. With the help of Apple iTunes, an Apple user can protect the contents of their devices on to a computer. Alternatively, they can store all their data on the cloud using the iCloud services available from Apple, from 2011. Using the cloud service, an Apple user can upload any of their new files as incremental back up, every time they connect to the internet. Using this software, a law enforcement organization can, without the consent of the user, access the stored backup data from the cloud directly for forensic analysis purpose. The developers of this product utilize the GPU acceleration technology, a patent pending concept to accelerate the breaking of password of encrypted files. But it should be kept in mind that EPPB does not attack Apple servers for gaining access to iCloud data.

This application is certainly developed for the forensic analysis of data created and stored by smart phones, either in the device itself or on the cloud. The tool helps to bypass the Pin required by the devices for accessing this data. However, if the data is stored on the cloud, as in the case of Apple with iCloud, then the cloud credentials have to be provided. The application represents the device for accessing the data. This application is free to try and comes with a moderate cost. It has very simple and standard interfaces and is a straight forward application, when it comes to functionality.

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