Download Advanced ZIP Password Recovery

Advanced ZIP Password Recovery is a password recovery software tool designed to retrieve the lost password of your compressed zip file. This tool uses many logics to retrieve the password and provides the option to the user for the selection of the logic to break the password. The tool supports the Brute force attack, dictionary attack, mask attack, or plain text attack to bust open the password.

The tool works in the background and ensures that the CPU and memory usage are utilized to the minimum. Also the time required for the cracking of the password was comparatively found to be less than many other such tools. The programs interface is well designed and easy to understand. The selection of the attack like the brute force and dictionary is easy to select. This option is provided for the user to speed-up the password crack time, as the password format has a direct link to the technology used to bust the password.

The tool is light weight and occupies only around 2MB of hard disk space. It works on all Window Operating system flavors like the Win 98, NT, Win 2K, Windows Me, and Window XP. The password for all compressed formats like the ZIP files, PKZIP, and WinZip archives can be found out using this tool. It has one of the best cracking speeds on a Pentium 4 or above processor. The latest version of this tool also supports multi lingual user interface.

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