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Password Agent Lite is the portable password managing and securing software, which provides optimum level of security to your passwords. Sensitive data such as passwords, pin code numbers, credit card numbers and even software serial numbers can be stored within one safety database, through using the Password Agent Lite.

Sensitive data which can be retained in a textual format can be stored within the Password Agent Lite safety database, comprehensively while locking all your personal information out of the reach of anyone. Remembering all those different passwords and log-in ids of the several different online websites and accounts can be a bit of hectic work. Nonetheless, the daily work pressure will let you to remember those entire passwords and log-in id sets that you may use for your personal accounts. But do not worry a bit, because the Password Agent Lite will remember all the different login data from the several different sites at one database.

All you have to do is remember the master password and you will be able to get access to the software database, where all your different passwords will be kept secret. The auto-fill function is also there to comprise of the auto-form filling in the different websites and in case of account creation- making the process feel like just a breeze. This particular function makes logging-in to personal profiles and accounts easy and effortless with automatic or semi-automatic form filling involvements.


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