Download USB Child Lock

The best way to control the child’s activity in the computer is by limiting the time of usage. Now, this task is best performed by the USB Child Lock software program. It provides the most convenient way to limit the time of usage of computer by the child. The software is exceedingly easy to download and moreover, it is extremely simple to use. So, even the first time users can also employ it without any troubles whatsoever.

The parents can set up allotted time for the child’s usage of computer. As soon as the time is over, this tool locks the computer and no one can perform any further use. The program allows the parents to set different time allotments for different child. Moreover, it creates separate flash USB drives for each child, and child has to use the computer through it.

USB Child Lock creates a log of all the errors and attempts to break the time lock. It keeps this log in hidden file, and only the administrator of the software can access it. It is entirely compatible with the various versions of Windows Operating System from the house of Microsoft. These make this software a choice of everyone who is looking to limit the child’s computer usage.

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