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The web world is the most fascinating intangible wonder in the world. It keeps getting better and better, and people keep falling under its spell from time to time. In the information superhighway, on would only want to get profoundly lost, because the real world behind doesn’t appeal anymore. Now, this ‘lucid’ reverie (as the world is absolutely virtual), has a range of ill-effects; the worst of them being affecting productivity. With respect to a kid, this can cause trouble with their grades, can make them inattentive and restless and also bring out the concealed quality of procrastination. With respect to company employees, it would put all productive work-hours into hapless leisure time, ultimately affecting the firm’s industry and dynamicity. Here, we can see, the one and only hindrance provided is the ‘web world’. Yet, an award winning software is all you need to avoid these unwanted facets.

Pureiblocker is a blessing in disguise. It is that software which can be exploited to keep a track of all kinds of activities that are going on in the web, in the absence of the employer or the parents. With this solution, one shouldn’t be exasperated and worried about the ‘whereabouts’ of one’s kid or employee in the information superhighway. Pureiblocker provides with a guaranteed technology, which would allow the user to block all types of offensive materials. It comes with a range of attractive features, which helps in mediating blocking of any type of predator websites, levying prescribed web usage and internet access and also comes with a complete monitoring suite.

The newest version would also allow one to integrate this utility tool with the Windows Firewall, ultimately providing a very easy set-up procedure. It comes with a 30 day trial period, after which you need to procure this product in exchange of payment. It is compatible for Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems.

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