Download Parental Control Internet Filter

If the parents are willing to monitor the child’s internet use, there are several software tools in the market. However, there are not many software programs which can work in a more efficient way than that of Parental Control Internet Filter. As the name suggests, it is an internet filtering software tool. This software has an exceedingly powerful filtering technology.

It can filter websites, instant messages, chat boxes, blogs, e-mails etc. This software monitors every internet activity and whenever any inappropriate words are getting used or displayed in the computer screen, the software filters the program. This tool is entirely free of cost for everyone’s use. With the help of this software, parents can specify certain hours of the day in which the child can access the internet. The software also assists to specify definite days of the week in which the child can use the network connection.

Parental Control Internet Filter enables the parents to limit the quantity of data to send and receive via internet in a single session. Parents can set a list of certain websites to block and others to allow. This software offers detailed reports of visited websites, accessed programs etc. It also provides in-time email notifications to the user. Parental Control Internet Filter is compatible with all the latest Windows Operating Systems like Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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