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Security of children, especially when they are out in an unknown world, is the biggest concern of one’s parents. One such world is that of internet, and OME-Kids is something, which allows one to monitor the email box of their children. This software allows the users to give their children the access to emails at a young age. The use of this software is safe for kids, filters all the spam and inappropriate content, which is likely to reach the mail box of the children.

OME-Kids also makes sure, that the children do not let out their personal information, in case if it is let out, the software replaces it with symbols. Users need to sign up using their own email id, and later on configure the settings for their children. It also gives a free trail plan for a period of 30 days, post which the users get to buy the plan according to one’s convenience and budget.

For each of the account which one signs up with OME-Kids, one needs to have three types of protection mode. The first mode is 'Enable kids Carbon copy', the second 'Enable lock down', by which children can send messages to only those addresses which is approved by their parents and the last one is that of 'save messages for parental review', by which children can send mails only when it is approved by their parents.

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