Download NannySoft

Nannysoft is a software developed by Nannysoft Company. This application always runs in silent mode in your system. Its configuration is also quite simple and anyone can easily understand it. It monitors each and every activity in your system and creates a database of those who take part in it. By watching all this data, you will be able to understand how your computer is being used when you were not there with your system. Latest version of this software is 1.2 and that version has a file size of about 3.84 MB. That makes it relatively easy to download and install that software.

The special feature of this software is that you can specify certain words which you want to blacklist in your computer. All that you need to is to type the word which you want to blacklist and add it to the list. Whenever anyone tries to search about that word, the computer tells him that he is violating the user policy and blocks him from searching details about that word. You can include a very large number of words in your blacklist and avoid anybody from searching for those words. There is no other software which does this job for you.

Along with the words, you can also blacklist certain specific which you don’t want others to search in your computer. In that sense, it is a very flexible software and warns you whenever anyone tries to search for the blocked contents. It can also be used to define different degrees of usability by the user. The degree of usability varies from system to system. For example, you want some words to be just blocked from typed in your computer and some others to be searched in website etc. all these can be specified with the help of this software.