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Looking for a good parental control software? Then GigaWatch is something which you ought to try out. This software enables one to track, their child’s activity on different social networking websites, and also provides the record of the visited websites of the children to the users. GigaWatch comprises of monitoring module and a separate administrative console, one can choose any one to install it on their computer, or can install both in the same computer. While installing the software, one needs to make sure that the monitoring module has to be in stealth mode, as GigaWatch works best in this mode.

GigaWatch would monitor only those computers, which is available in the local network. Therefore, one need not worry of entering onto someone else’s network. After the installation, one needs to create two passwords, one for the access to the administrative console, and the other one to let the administrative console access the data on the monitored computer.

Each time, when the user gets logged in, in administrative console, one needs to select the computer, which they want to view. The best part about this software is that, one can customize the settings of this software, according to their convenience. To know more one can log on to the official website of GigaWatch.

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