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If anyone wants to protect his or her child from viewing any unwanted contents present in the computer or in the internet, then the software to take help of is ABC Blocker. It is the ultimate blocking solution for every parent. It is an exceedingly easy to use software tool, and the interface of this tool is too simple to understand for everybody.

With the help of this program, anyone can block almost anything. Parents can use this ABC Blocker to block any website of their choice. However, it can work only in the computer in which it has been installed. This tool blocks the URLs from running and thus the websites will get blocked automatically. Moreover, parents can also use this software to block various executable files present in the computer. By doing this, they can protect the child from viewing any adult contents present in the computer.

With the help of ABC Blocker, any installer files can also be blocked. Thus, the child will not be able to install anything without the consent of the parents. With all these facilities, this tool becomes one of the most reliable programs in the market to use as the parental control software.

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