NeoGuardian Business Edition

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NeoGuardian Business edition is a security software program designed and developed by Neo NetWise software firm. It has been released in the market on 7 May 2012. This software has been designed to be used in a environment where you need to control the use of World Wide Web or internet through a computer system. It is more than simple monitoring software as this software program allows you to trace the system not only when it is online but also in offline mode. With this software program you can block browsing of unwanted websites, can record activities on different websites, length of time spent on the system (online/offline) etc. In simple words you have the ability to control the use of internet in your organization.

NeoGuardian Business edition was developed by keeping in mind the requirement of organization's management and gives business owners complete control over the use of business properties by their staffs. It helps employers to monitor the activities of their staffs on their respective computer systems in working hours. Through this software program employers can have a complete record of websites visited by their staffs. It provides several other functionalities like Internet Filtering, Internet Monitoring, Computer tracking, Chat Monitoring, Software/Hardware Auditing etc.

To install NeoGuardian Business edition for your organization you need to have any of the following operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows vista/XP or Windows 2003. You can even install this program in Windows server 2008. No other requirement is there. The best feature of this software program is its user interface which makes this quite simple to use and handle. You don't need any software expertization to use it. All you need is to install this product on your office computers (those you want to trace). After that all the activities running on those machines will be traced. In one sentence, It is a complete monitoring software to choose, just go for it.