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Win-Spy Software Pro, as suggested by its name, is a software application that is intended to help users spy or monitor their Windows based systems. The tool offers the capability to monitor or more systems, simultaneously. The application, as is the case with most monitoring systems, works in the stealth mode and cannot be identified or detected, or terminated, or uninstalled by other users. Some of the functionalities offered by this utility are screen capturing, tracking of key strokes, emailing the tracked data, alerting users based on specific keywords that were used in online activities, ability to hide specific folders from other users, etc.

You can also implement a clear track function that clears all activities related to your net related activities as well as Windows related tasks. Some of the other additional features integrated in this tool are the ability to archive files and folders, tracking PCs remotely, deleting files in a secure manner, streaming videos from a remote Webcam, and ability to detect and remove any spyware. You can also configure this tool to alert you whenever a user logs on to the internet, or uses an IM application such as MSN Messenger. You can also implement remote Mic feature for listening or recording online conversations and execute files remotely in a PC, or check for files with xls or exe formats in a remote system.

You can also configure this tool to alert you when certain websites are browsed or visited, updated you on the total amount of time spend by the user on the net, and show you shots taken from a Webcam. These alerts can be sent to you via email or even sent as messages to your phone or any other mobile device. You can also implement the tool to work within the constraints of a Firewall or Router, so that it will not be detected by any other application or tool. You can implement this utility in all versions of Windows 7, XP, and Vista. The tool is available on a free to try basis, with certain functional limitations. If you are looking for a tool that will help you monitor activities of your children or your employees, this tool promises to deliver on all accounts.

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