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WebWatcher is a popular monitoring cum security software program developed by Awareness Technologies for viewing your PC's activities anywhere, anytime. This is actually a parental control software program for monitoring your PC's online and offline activities. You don't need to be around your PC to monitor its activities. You can watch your PC from anywhere in this world with the help of E-mail facility provided by WebWatcher. It sends complete details about your PC's online and offline activity. You will have the complete information starting from keystrokes made, websites visited, active session screenshots, websearches and many more without manually accessing the monitored PC ever after the installation of WebWatcher.

WebWatcher monitoring software program has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of parents, employers and network/computer administrators for monitoring their systems activity. WebWatcher is a very unique monitoring software program because it provides other security services also. The features which makes WebWatcher best among it's category are: Recording websites visited, Blocking of unwanted websites, Record instant messages, Real time screenshots, Recording E-mails and attachments and logging keystrokes made online or offline. It scans every webpage instantly before it appears on your PC and blocks unwanted information on the fly. With this bunch of security features it allows you to control your PC from anywhere.

To install this software program in your PC you need to have any of the following operating systems: Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista, Windows 2003/2000 or Windows server 2008. No other additional requirement is there. After the installation you won't need to access the monitored PC ever again to have its activity details. This software program sends you the complete report of your PC's daily activity on your registered mail ID. WebWatcher provides an intuitive user interface which makes it quite easier to use and manage. To secretly control the computers activity and keep an eye on your children’s, employees and other users, WebWatcher is an ideal product.

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